RODUSI Heritage and Architectural Lighting specialises in the design and fabrication of custom made lighting and upgrades to existing fittings utilising the latest in energy efficient technologies.
We have over 40 years experience in the restoration and manufacturing vintage and antique lights of every style and period.
Pictured below are some examples of our work.

French Brass Banquet Light
French Banquet L:ight - Unrestored
Banquet Light Arm Banquet Light -Restored
Fully Restored with Glass Shades
and candle lampholders

Wall Lantern Specifications
Cuistom Designed Exterior Wall Light

Copper Frame

            Copper Frame in production
Exterior Wall Light Complete in Bronze Finish

Exterior Wall Light in waxed Flemish
Bronze Finish
Exterior Wall Lantern in Damaged Condition
Damaged Copper Wall Light
Damaged Wall Lantern
Exterior Wall Light
      Repaired and finished  in a painted             baked enamel satin black finish.
Brass American Gasolier    
Early 1900's American 10 Light Brass

Resored Gasolier in Satin Brass Finish
                Fully restored and finished  in a satin brass finish

Marie Therese Crystal Chandelier
Eight Branch Marie Therese
Crystal Chandelier missing parts and needing a major makeover.
Marie Therese Restoration
Trimming the crystal to refinished arms.
Marie Therese Crystal Chandelier
Ready to shine again..

Crystal Chandelier before Cleaning and rewiring
Damaged Bohemian Crystal Chandelier 

Burnt Out Wiring
Burnt out wiring.
An accident waiting to happen!

Crystal Chandelier
        Cleaned and rewired with new             candle lampholders.

Wrought Iron Sign Light
        Wrought Iron LED Sign light made                 to client specifications.

Empire Style Chandelier
Empire Chandelier Completed

Ormlou Brass French Chandelier
A magnificent Gilded Brass French Chandelier
prior to restoration.
French Ormolu Chandelier
After Restoration.

Twelve Branch Brass Ceiling Light
Cast brass twelve branch ceiling light.

Twelve Branch Brass Ceiling Light
Like new again.

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